Kissing 27 Goodbye

Kissing 27 GoodbyeThis morning was different. Every year I try to overcompensate by sharing propelling anecdotes that would shift my focus off the things I never accomplished. And I get it, birthdays should be the celebration of one living to see another year. Yet this year, all I could think about is that I can not let another year go by without being a good steward over the things God has gifted me with. I’m talking every area of my life; my marriage, finances, ideas, my job, family/friends. Shoot! Even myself. How I govern myself. This blog! My life deserves more than simply waking up and existing. My life deserves to be lived and lived with purpose on purpose.

Today I had to take ownership in prayer and ask for forgiveness. How can one be grateful and have the actions of a thankless wretch at the same time?

Even in these moment when I feel most condemned, better yet ashamed, God doesn’t let up on his grace. Just like anyone’s favorite bartender, he keeps a heavy hand [of grace for his people]. 

If anything, I am excited. I have another opportunity to prove God right. To show him that he entrusted the right person. He was right to allow me to have speedy success in my professional career, he was right to show me how dope the platform for Kissing My Miss Goodbye will be. He was right to trust me with Rico and to connect me with my family, friends and you reading this right now. My guy was right.

So I want to apologize in advance. This year we just going at it a little bit different. Year 28 requires 100% intentionality. I’m stepping on my own neck, ya feel me?

Here’s to Kissing 27 Goodbye!

Mean Wife

On October 19th he me asked what day it was. “It’s October 19th”.

Actually on October 19th he asked, “Why are you so mean to me?”

As much as I wanted to blurt out “I am not mean”. This time there was no cheesy self-defense mechanism excuse that could save me. So instead, I said what any mature adult would say. 

“I am not mean to you!” and walked away.

Rico and I have had our exchange of words, but this one? This one hurt. It hurt because I had been identified as someone I never wanted to be. A mean wife. And it hurt because for the first time I saw Rico as a person. I hadn’t realize that I had put him into this box of solely being my husband when in fact he is so much more than this one role. He is Rico. And every attack against his shortcomings of being a husband didn’t stop at this role, but pierced through to who he was as a man, a person.

I didn’t know how to say “You let me down” or “I expected more from you” without attacking him with wounding words regarding his character or building this wall around me to shun him out. And even in the times I thought I explicitly said those words, the objective became for him to hurt as much as me.

The irony of it all is that I would never treat a stranger like this. On my worst day I still manage to show compassion to those who wrong me. It seems to be the ones closet to us we become negligent of their humanism because we only want them to function in their role in our life. As if the expectation of who we want them to be should outweigh how we treat them. The revelation of how marriage is quite similar to sanctification becomes more apparent in my life. The role of a husband/wife is accepted by faith that we develop into every day. Because in the end, who really knows how to be married?

Sitting in my conviction of what I have done, I remember hearing “It’s not that you’re mean. You are not gentle”. I immediately became defensive against the spirit (much similar to my defensive nature against Rico) because I didn’t want to become passive or change who I was to appease him, let alone anyone.

To be gentle is to be mindful. To be mindful that my words, my actions have an expected end.

And at the other end of me was Rico.

Since then I’ve had to become intentional about displaying gentleness, which is a weird flex because in my mind I thought I’d mastered this. You know, being kind to people. Selflessly loving. Building up people. Respect! Yet, this is another thing that I am having to kiss goodbye. This whole mean wife syndrome.

In the end no matter how justified I may feel, a soft and gentle and thoughtful answer turns away wrath, but harsh and painful and careless words stirs up anger. [Proverbs 15:1 AMP]

I would love to hear from you and your experience(s)!

1. What does gentleness look like to you?

2. What characteristics hinder you from being gentle? 

Kissing My Miss Goodbye (Again)

I know I stopped with no explanation. The truth is I started to dislike being married. I found myself becoming bitter. And bitterness wasn’t a place I felt comfortable writing from.

Regardless to what happens in my marriage. I am an advocate for relationships in every capacity. The purpose of the blog is to share my unconventional experiences and inspire conversations that are often masked in the sectors of blackness + Christianity + Women + Relationships + Marriage.

Kissing My Miss Goodbye is a place of transparency, reflection, inspiration and hope. A few tears for seasoning, but lots of laughter for healing.

I am no pro at this marriage thing. However I am here to champion it to the best of my ability.

It has been a minute, so let me reintroduce myself. My name is Tyaira Hayden Miles and dying to your flesh is a b*tch.








To trust is new for me.

The only person I ever really trusted was Jesus. And even then ya girl struggled. Now if I had trouble trusting someone who is ultimately perfect, humans did not stand a chance, including Rico.

Recently we’ve experience an incident that brought distrust into our relationship. While Rico began to take the necessary steps to restore what was broken, I on the other hand was shocked for the first time in our marriage to not be the reason things were off. In celebration I consciously created altercations just to throw the incident back in his face. I know! Pray for me. I truly believed that because he was the one that broke our trust, he was solely responsible for repairing it.

But of course, my victory was short-lived.

I stumbled across a devotion that was about … (you guessed it), TRUST. Although the devotion spoke to trusting God to be your strength for the day, somehow Holy Spirit managed to flip that thing and reverse it and show me myself.

Trust has two components: the one trusting and the one that is being trusted. Both equally have a part to play. Its similar to the “Test of Trust” you complete in workshops that magically makes your trust issues vanish by falling into the arms of a stranger, or worse your co-worker. The person falling is expecting the person behind to catch them. And the person catching, is excepting the person falling to fall backwards. NOW! What if the person positioned to fall backwards decides to fall forward? The person who was designated to catch, are they now untrustworthy? Can the person who was designated to fall really say they have trust issues?


I couldn’t help but to identify as the person deciding to fall forward. Was I the reason why my relationship was slow in “bouncing back”? Nope, we were both responsible. EVEN in Rico’s attempt to do the right thing.

Like with the test of trust, expectations were set and we had none. I knew I couldn’t trust him with everything (it was too much too soon), but if we wanted our marriage to thrive I had to trust him with something, and he with I.  It started with discussing what we wanted to trust the other person with. We made a pact to daily text one another “requests to trust” as we began to take the proper steps towards rebuilding trust in our marriage.

Examples: I want you to trust me with your insecurities | I want you to trust that I will actually replace the tissue roll and not place the new one on top of the toilet | Trust that I will put a smile on your face today | I want you to trust that I won’t utilize our joint account for my impulsive target-sprees

Discussing what we desired to be trusted with allowed us to set proper expectations and more importantly, hold one another accountable.

I was trusting him to not let me down, and in return he was trusting me not to sabotage his opportunity to show me he wouldn’t.


Kissing My [distrust] Goodbye!







While most couples have the pleasure of learning their spouse prior to marriage, everything is NEW for us. I’ve learned to love and appreciate that with divorce not being an option, we are subjected to staying with one another flaws and all. Yep. That means I can let myself GO and Rico has to stay! Gym Who?

So I thought, why not put our knowledge to the test. We partnered with one of our favorite GIRL BOSS, Nazsare and decided to capture a photo-story of the game “How Well Do You Know Your Spouse”. And what better time do it, then for the day of LA-UHH-VE!



Hey this was singular question and we still managed to make it plural. And I truly can’t help it! My body physically CAN NOT change the toilet paper. I will leave the empty roll on the dispenser and have the fresh one on top of the toilet.



You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. There’s uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich.



I will never forget it. We were at the Cinema Grill watching the Vikings play the Eagles. I told him if the Vikings lost I would give him a kiss. As much as he loves the Vikings, I knew he wanted that kiss more. And he got it. He’s the reason they lost!



Dollar Tree’s new logo! Rico is a sucker for the Dollar Store. There is a 75-year-old man trapped in him and he always seems to appear at the Dollar Tree. SMH. But if you REALLY knew Rico, he would save it!






Me laughing on the outside, but dying on the inside because its FACTS












What an experience this has been? Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you. Getting to like you. Getting to hope you like me. Happy Valentine Day!img_2066.JPG


I’ve been told “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Please don’t take me not writing for almost 2 weeks as a vow of silence. Although I honestly could take one.

l feel like I’ve been taking L’s. Just eating them mugs for breakfast. I know it’s not true because any moment I don’t react out of emotion, a little less proud and crucify my petty flesh, it’s a win for us.

Lately it’s been hard. A lot of “little hurdles” I constantly find myself having to get over. Having to be a big, not the bigger person, but a big person in emotionally sizing situations for what they really are. We’ve encountered challenges recently where I felt robbed of the opportunity to not be okay, to be angry or to have my space. Especially in the situations that were not my fault and I had every right to not be. I knew how I felt and the challenge being faced were truly insignificant in the grand scheme of everything. Yet in those moments they were significant to me.

This has to be the part of marriage I strongly dislike the most. The level of maturity you have to choose to walk in daily. Maturity is not second nature for me, and I’m honest to admit that. I often feel like I’m playing an infinite game of mortal combat and with every battle I have the option to select who I want to be.

Player 1: Holy Spirit

Player 2: Petty Betty

*I can always guarantee who wins by who I choose. It’s either ME or US (my marriage).

Although I’ve been really intentional in choosing Us, I’ve grown enough to understand that every right decision doesn’t feel like a victory. Sometimes making the right decision has made me more frustrated than satisfied. I’m sorry, but I’m not always leaping for joy in letting things go that I want to hold on to for just a little longer. Yes, I know. I have a lot of dying to do. And I am.

Through it all I’m so relieved to know that even though I am married, I am always a believer first. And the same God that consoled me in my miss is here to console me in my Mrs. Even in the wins that can feel a lot like a loss. Thank God these L’s are only lessons.


This morning during my prayer time, I said something that snatched both Jesus and I out of it. I said “Thank you Father I’m no longer a homewrecker”. Talk about a confession. First, let me make it very clear,  I HAVE NEVER STEPPED OUTSIDE OF MY MARRIAGE!  I am not a homewrecker according to Webster dictionary, but for some odd reason I knew 1547582700347exactly why I said it when I said it.

I’m guilty for going into marriage thinking it would naturally ooze romance, love, friendship, excitement and good times. I was uninformed that those things had nothing to do with marriage itself, but had everything to do with the individuals. If we, as people lacked, our marriage would. We controlled what we oozed.

As of late my marriage oozed, well more so reeked bitterness, disappointment and deadly silent treatments. Rico has been gracious enough as always to extend truce, my lack of maturity wouldn’t allow me. I was my homes own enemy.

Real representation of Rico calling “truce”.